Gilpin Givhan has extensive experience advising closely-held businesses during the various stages of their life cycles: formation, growth and exit. We assist owners in analyzing the proper structure to start their venture, whether a corporation, partnership or limited liability entity, and the developing the necessary tools to protect their investment, such as shareholder agreements and operating agreements. Our attorneys also work side-by-side with owners when opportunities for growth arise. For businesses looking to raise capital, we help owners navigate the myriad federal and state securities laws applicable to private placements. Mergers and acquisitions arise both when owners are looking to grow their operations or are provided with an opportunity to cash out their investment. We have experience negotiating a broad range of mergers and acquisitions, whether joint ventures between equal partners, acquisitions involving two small operators, or international transactions where one party is significantly larger than another. Whatever the structure, Gilpin Givhan is unique in its approach in that we efficiently represent businesses in such transactions with a couple of attorneys who understand the entire transaction as opposed to employing multiple attorneys, which can run the risk of creating disjointed representation. Overall, we know the blood, sweat and tears that go into owning a closely-held business, and we can implement strategies that assist owners to protecting and realizing their dreams with their businesses.

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