Most of our young lawyers are hired from our summer associate clerkship program. Many have acquired a master’s degree following law school before joining the firm. We also hire lateral associates from time to time. In making hiring decisions, academic performance, interpersonal skills and extra-curricular activities are all important factors, as well as a particular academic background, skill or knowledge, or work experience, which relates to our core practice areas.

Starting salaries are very competitive within our market and fringe benefits include: health, hospitalization and major medical insurance, medical reimbursement plan, term life insurance, disability insurance, retirement plan, bar memberships. We encourage excellence within a practice area and provide a liberal continuing legal education policy to improve skills and knowledge.

Lawyers from Gilpin Givhan will be interviewing at in-state schools both in the fall and spring of each year. We also interview at New York University Law School (Tax Program), the University of Florida Law School (Tax Program) and other schools. If we do not interview on your campus, please feel free to contact and email your resume to Clinton D. Graves