Our health care team provides a full range of services for our hospital clients, including regulatory compliance guidance, business and tax planning, corporate governance advice, assistance with contracting issues, and risk management strategies. We help hospitals strategically position themselves amidst the volumes of regulatory and billing and reimbursement issues they face in the ever-changing health care industry, such as the fraud and abuse laws, medical staff privileges and credentialing issues, Medicare and Medicaid participation requirements, billing and reimbursement negotiations and audits, EMTALA, and HIPAA. Our team has extensive experience counseling hospitals, both in-house and as outside counsel, so we understand many of the operational issues that hospitals face, in addition to the legal and regulatory environment they operate within. In addition, we frequently work with relevant regulatory and accrediting bodies, including the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, the Alabama Department of Public Health, the Joint Commission, the State Health Planning and Development Agency, and the Certificate of Need Review Board to solve issues for our clients and to position our clients for success in their respective sectors of the health care industry.

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