KgM is now Gilpin Givhan, PC

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

The Montgomery law firm of Kaufman Gilpin McKenzie Thomas Weiss, PC recently announced the addition of nine Birmingham–based attorneys and a change to the firm name. The firm will be known as Gilpin Givhan, PC and will have fully staffed offices in Montgomery and Birmingham with a total of 24 attorneys. The addition of the experienced Birmingham practice group gives the firm increased depth in the areas of labor & employment, health care and litigation, and helps to build on the firm’s core practice of taxation, estate planning and business transactions.

“This combination of experience and expertise is an across–the–board enhancement to the legal services we provide for clients,” stated Robert Gilpin, shareholder with Gilpin Givhan, PC. “Bringing these two groups of like–minded attorneys together into one firm is a win–win for clients,” continued Marcus Givhan, also a shareholder with Gilpin Givhan, PC.

The firm‘s practice includes taxation, estates and trusts, commercial real estate, labor & employment, business organization & transactions, health care, litigation, and bankruptcy. Attorneys practicing in Gilpin Givhan, PC‘s Montgomery office are Carla Cole Gilmore, Robert E. L. Gilpin, Clinton D. Graves, John A. Howard Jr., Sarah S. Johnston, Richardson B. McKenzie III, Simeon F. Penton, Leslie Pitman, Robert M. Ritchey, Davis H. Smith, George W. Thomas, John Ward Weiss, Brent Wills and attorneys of counsel Gregg Brantley Everett & Samuel Kaufman. Attorneys practicing in Gilpin Givhan, PC‘s Birmingham office are Mitchel Hampton Boles, Joseph W. Carlisle, R. Marcus Givhan, Jonathan S. Harbuck, Jeffrey E. Holmes, David M. Hunt, Kenny Williamson Keith, Spencer A. Kinderman and Lynlee Wells Palmer. Full attorney profiles, practice area expertise and more can be found on the firm‘s new web site: Please contact Jim Hill at or at 334-244-1111.

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